Health insurance plan in Florida may be set aside, for now

health insurance exchange

State may not be able to support the expansion of its Medicaid program at this time Plans to expand Florida’s Medicaid program may be stalling as the state’s governor, Rick Scott, withdraws his support for such an initiative. Governor Scott had been a supporter of the concept of expanding Medicaid for some time, suggesting changes to the state budget in order to accommodate the initiative. Expanding Medicaid would have brought federal funds to the state, which would have helped cover the cost of the expansion and make health insurance coverage…

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Federal health insurance exchanges may fall short

health insurance deadline enrollment has come under scrutiny as a new open enrollment period approaches The federal website may not live up to expectations by the time open enrollment for U.S. health insurance exchanges begins again this year. The website is set to begin testing with insurance companies on October 7, but it has been crippled by severe glitches and other issues that could prevent it from working efficiently. If the site’s problems are not resolved, it may not be able to serve as an adequate way for people to enroll for…

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