21 million people could lose their health insurance coverage under Trump plan

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Analysis shows repealing the Affordable Care Act could have dire consequences The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has released an analysis of the health care plan proposed by presidential hopeful Donald Trump. The analysis suggests that Trump’s plan could result in approximately 21 million people losing their health insurance coverage. It may also cost some $270 billion over 10 years, if it was implemented. Another analysis from the Congressional Budget Office suggests that as many as 22 million people could lose their health insurance coverage if Trump’s plan is…

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New Jersey residents are finding it hard to pay for health insurance

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Report highlights the good news and bad news for those purchasing coverage through exchanges A recent report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shows that enrollments in health insurance exchanges throughout the country remained stable during the last open enrollment period. In New Jersey, however, this could be a double-edged sword. While more people in the state have been able to acquire insurance coverage through the state’s exchange, fewer people are able to keep up with the pace at which insurance premiums are growing. New Jersey exchange continues…

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Federal health insurance exchange enrollment grows

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Enrollment through HealthCare.gov is growing quickly The federal health insurance exchange in the U.S. has been crippled by a range of technical problems that have kept many people from accessing insurance services through HealthCare.gov. The insurance gateway opened on October 1 of 2013, but relatively few people were able to enroll for coverage because of problems concerning the exchange’s structure. The federal government has been working to address these issues and ensure that consumers can access insurance services through federal exchanges and these efforts may finally be paying off. 1…

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Lawmakers flip on health insurance policy due to intense lobbying

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Lawmakers announce health insurance rate increase Federal lawmakers have announced that prices associated with the Medicaid Advantage program will rise as part of the country’s efforts to reform the health care sector. This is nearly the polar opposite of the federal government’s initial plans, which involved lowering the price of coverage associated with the Medicaid Advantage program, thereby making health insurance more affordable for those using the program. The decision comes in the wake of aggressive lobbying from the health insurance industry. Medicaid Advantage coverage to become more expensive The…

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Massachusetts insurance exchange awarded funds to help it fall in line with the Affordable Care Act

Massachusetts is currently one of the few states that has a working insurance exchange in place. The state’s online marketplace has been a boon for those looking for affordable health insurance policies but it does not comply with the standards established by the Affordable Care Act. Instead of requiring the state to scrap the project and start from scratch, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and auxiliary arm of the Department of Health and Human Services, has awarded the state with funding to help legislators make necessary changes. He…

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