Auto insurance rates in Detroit continue to be a financial burden

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Insurance coverage for drivers in Detroit continues to grow more expensive Rising auto insurance rates in Detroit may be hindering the city’s economic recovery. Consumers throughout the city have seen their insurance rates soar in the past year. Detroit has been recovering from a record breaking municipal bankruptcy, which has served to make the city somewhat financially unstable. In December of 2014, the city was able to break free of this bankruptcy and its implications, but rising costs of auto insurance coverage could slow further recovery. High insurance rates make…

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Auto insurance rates in California show major disparity

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Analysis highlights disparity in auto insurance prices Auto insurance in California has been in a turbulent state for the past several months. Last week, the 2012 presidential campaign came to an end, also marking the end of an auto insurance reform bill that had won a great deal of support from the auto insurance industry. The bill was steeped in controversy, but was expected to bring some benefits to consumers in the state and help alleviate some of the problems that exist in the insurance market. A new analysis of…

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