$500,000 care insurance fraud ring suspects arrested in California

Car Insurance Fraud Ring - damaged car

Four suspects have been arrested in this case for reportedly scamming insurers out of half a million dollars. Investigators in California have arrested four suspects for their alleged involvement in a car insurance fraud ring. Their alleged activities cost scammed insurers $500,000 until they were found out by the California Department of Insurance, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, and the California Highway Patrol. The four arrests were made earlier this month following a substantial investigation into the scam. According to reports, the car insurance fraud ring involved dealers buying…

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Canadian car insurance company discovers “pervasive” scams in Toronto auto shops

Car insurance company - Scam Alert

An insurer north of the border has investigated a string of fraud cases regarding deliberately damaged cars. A Canadian car insurance company recently held an investigation into auto body shops within the country’s largest city. Aviva Canada determined that a tremendous number of auto repair businesses are involved in scamming the insurer. The insurer determined that auto body shop workers were billing for unnecessary work or work not done. The Aviva car insurance company determined that half of the total expenses it received for crashed vehicle repairs were fraudulent. The…

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Canadian auto insurance fraud is racking up a massive $2 billion annual bill

auto insurance fraud

According to a recent report, many Canadians are regularly scamming their insurers, forcing premiums up. A new Aviva Canada report revealed an auto insurance fraud trend costing insurers $2 billion every year. This added expense to insurers is leading them to increase premiums to compensate for the fraudulent claims payments. Drivers across the country are being forced to pay for an incredible $2 billion in added fraudulent expenses. The Aviva Canada report was published under the title “Crash, Cash and Backlash: Aviva Fraud Report 2017.” It pointed out that honest…

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Insurance Fraud and its Effect on Premiums

auto insurance ride share

Auto insurance fraud is a costly problem Insurance fraud is quite prevalent, but not necessary always in the spotlight. Many people don’t understand how fraud affects the insurance industry or that fraud also has an impact on them as well. In the auto insurance sector, fraud has become quite common, partly due to the prevalence of certain laws and the that there are groups devoted to committing fraud in a highly organized manner. Some of these groups are lead by medical and insurance professionals as well. According to the Coalition…

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Largest auto insurance scam in the U.K. uncovered

Auto insurance fraud

The police have linked 60 people with the massive fraudulent claim program which is among the biggest in the country. It has just been reported that there have been 60 people that have either pleaded guilty or that have been convicted with being involved in one of the biggest auto insurance fraud scams in the United Kingdom. The range of the scam was so great that people within the area in which it was occurring were paying far more. The primary culprits behind the auto insurance fraud were in Derwentside,…

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