Important tips to save on car insurance for teenagers

Teen Driver auto Insurance

Discounts are available to reduce the cost of insuring adolescent drivers. The majority of motorists who are younger than 25 years old will often find that they face very high car insurance for teenagers premiums. However, there are three important discounts that are available that can notably reduce these rates. These discounts are available on many of the policies that are available to these younger drivers, which can change their rates from looking like they might be prohibitively expensive, to something much more affordable. Make sure to ask your agent…

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Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide launched by Safe Roads Alliance, Safety Insurance, and the Mass RMV

Top home, auto, and commercial insurer in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Safety Insurance, has announced that it is working with the nonprofit organization, Safe Roads Alliance, which works to promote driving safety, to offer The Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide with the support of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles (Mass RMV). Safety Insurance and Safe Roads Alliance have created the program in their combined effort to better the awareness and education of drivers in Massachusetts by offering a free resource to guardians and parents of the recipients…

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California Car Insurance: Sequoia offering new “Pay As You Go” insurance plan

Following the latest insurance trend sweeping the nation, Sequoia Insurance Co., one of the largest insurers in California, will begin offering a pay-as-you-drive auto insurance policy. Sequoia joins State Farm and Progressive in offering this particular policy, increasing the options available to California drivers. Progressive was the first to incorporate this concept into their coverage options after finding that fewer people were taking to the road in light of rising gas prices and other costs. Drivers interested in the coverage must first have a small device installed in their vehicles.…

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