Auto insurance rates have risen 17 percent since 2020

Auto insurance Rates - 17 Percent

American drivers are paying considerably more now for their coverage than a couple of years ago. Drivers across the United States are paying around 17 percent more for their auto insurance than they were paying in 2020, according to the results of a new Insurify study. This year, the average annual premiums for passenger vehicles across the country is $1,750. Michigan was identified as the state where drivers are paying the most for their auto insurance, at an average annual $2,510. The difference between that and what drivers are paying…

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Automakers are looking to turn car insurance on its head

Car insurance - Tesla on building

Tesla and General Motors want to define themselves as top players in a whole new industry. Tesla and GM are both looking to take on car insurance in multiple states in order to provide their customers with a new way to obtain coverage that the automakers are aiming to make less expensive than traditional alternatives. Tesla’s auto policies are available in five states, with a target to bring them to 45 by the close of 2022. Tesla may not have much reach in the current car insurance market, but it…

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Here Are Some Possible Discounts You Can Get On Car Insurance

ways to save money on car insurance discounts

Owning a car can get pricey. Not only do you have to worry about the up-front costs of buying a car, but you will also have a monthly payment if you finance it. These payments can stretch your budget and be challenging to manage. Then, you have to consider how much you will spend on car maintenance, repairs, and gasoline. Before you know it, you are committing to a few hundred to several hundred dollars a month. To top it off, you must carry auto insurance. Your costs will vary…

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Problem with teen drivers underlined in Florida auto insurance court case

According to Online Auto Insurance, an appeals court in Florida has recently ruled on a case that began with a crash which involved four adolescents and “some horseplay,” and that underlines the types of behaviors that cause car insurers to charge teen motorists higher rates. The case began with a circumstance where a passenger had been repeatedly reaching across to the driver’s side to honk the horn and take hold of the steering wheel of his girlfriend’s car while she was driving it. Both of these individuals were 17 years…

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Insurance tips for the start of the new school year

As the time grows nearer to the start of the new school year, it is important to look over your insurance needs and consider whether or not they are being met by your current coverage, as there are many issues that can alter your protection requirements at this time. A child’s grade level change, a newly licensed teen, or having a family member who is a college freshmen can each impact the type of insurance you need for auto, health, and homeownership. First, have a look at your auto insurance.…

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New driver survey shows 1 out of 5 are not ready

A new report released the other day by The GMAC Insurance Group, a national property, casualty and auto insurance provider, suggests that American roads may be more dangerous than previously thought. The report, called the GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, shows that 1 out of every 5 drivers do not meet the minimum requirements to obtain a driver’s license. This translates into 18%, or 37 million, motorists being unfit to be behind the wheel of a car. In previous years, New York held the last place position. This year, however,…

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