Georgia auto insurance rates driven skyward by massive crashes

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Serious car wrecks are becoming more frequent in the state, making it more costly to insure vehicles. Georgia auto insurance rates are expected to rise yet again, following several other consecutive increases. According to experts in the industry, the growing expense associated with car insurance premiums has to do with the number of serious crashes in the state. The number of accidents and the severity of the crashes are both on the rise and it is costing insurers. As a result, Georgia auto insurance companies find themselves raising their rates…

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Auto insurance data shows NFL games cause accidents

Superbowl football auto insurance

The rate of drunk driving crashes increased on Super Bowl Sunday, as is the case with other football game days. The auto insurance industry has released data that has revealed that when NFL home games are played, as well as during the Super Bowl, car crashes rise, particularly when it comes to those that are associated with drunk driving. The data also revealed that when a home NFL team loses, the car crash rate increases more than when there is a win. Auto insurance statistics have shown that big NFL…

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Florida takes aim at insurance fraud and staged accidents

State leaders, such as those in Florida, are working with insurers to make a move to form legislation that will combat auto insurance fraud so that it will be ready for the January start of the next session of lawmaking. Proposed bills in 2011 to fight fraudulent claims on personal injury protection insurance did not receive their approval from the state Legislature this year due to worries over the struggles it may create for policyholders that are making legitimate claims, as well as their doctors and attorneys. That said, two…

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Alabama: A new bill to stop distracted drivers voted on

Republican Representative Jim McClendon is sponsoring a bill in the Alabama House that will make texting while driving an illegal offense. McClendon sponsored a similar bill last year, but the Senate voted it down. The Republican Representative is cautiously optimistic that the bill will be passed by this year’s Senate. Texting while driving, or talking on the phone, falls in the “distracted driving” category. This has become an issue severe enough that most states are starting campaigns to raise awareness about the seriousness of it. Pilot programs were done in…

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