Comprehensive Plan: All About This Motor Insurance

No matter how experienced and careful you are in driving, several uncertainties may still occur on the road. To avoid getting yourself entangled in costly repairs or part replacements, first search for cheap car insurance quotes then purchase a comprehensive motor insurance plan. Comprehensive insurance has your back in the event your car is damaged by an insured event or if you caused damage to someone else’s car and property. However, do not confuse it with third-party insurance because the latter only covers your liability against a third party. Understanding Comprehensive…

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Car Insurance Facts: Does It Cover Transmission Repairs?

car insurance Cover Transmission Repairs

Car insurance is often seen as a necessary evil. You need to have it by law, although there are different levels of cover possible. In most cases you pay your premium each year and never make a claim, it can feel like wasted money. But, when you have an accident you’ll be grateful that you have the insurance. It can provide you with a rental to keep you on the road and help your car to be fixed faster. But, what about if you have a problem with your transmission,…

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Auto insurance scam popping up throughout UK

auto insurance flash and crash fraud

Drivers are being cautioned about a new kind of fraud called “Flash and Crash” by the industry. Auto insurance industry officials in the United Kingdom are cautioning motorists regarding a new type of scam that has developed and that is becoming more widespread in the country, called “flash and crash”. The scam involves tricking drivers into thinking that a good Samaritan is helping them out. The way that the auto insurance scam functions is that the fraudsters wait for victims to start to drive out of parking lots, gas stations,…

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U.K. auto insurance rates rise as large claims shrink

This year has shown a continuation of the increase in car insurance rates in the United Kingdom, as some motorists find themselves faced with premiums that are as much as 50 percent higher than they were in 2010. Equally, according to the U.K. Motor Market Review, which is performed annually by top reinsurance advisor (and part of global insurance broker, Willis Group Holdings) Willis Re, the number and frequency of large claims from serious injuries and deaths resulting from crashes in the country have fallen by a notable 10 percent…

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Minnesota no fault insurance system may crack under pressure

Minnesota’s no-fault auto insurance law has been under fire recently. Opponents of the law have been trying for some time to repeal the legislation, with their latest attempt again being overruled today. However, the state’s Senate committee approved a number of amendments to the law that may curb legislators drive to repeal it. The committee will also be examining alternatives to the law that will favor insurance companies by limiting payouts. The number of underinsured and uninsured drivers in the state is rising, according to Deputy Senate Majority Leader Geoff…

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