Small insurance companies facing scrutiny receive IRS deal offer

InsuranceBee and Hiscox launch insurance agent partner program

The goal of the deal is to ensure tax payment plus interest in exchange for dropping the case. The I.R.S. has offered small insurance companies under tax avoidance scrutiny a way to avoid penalties through a new offer. This offer would give the insurers the opportunity to pay all outstanding back taxes – in addition to interest – in order to close their cases and face no further penalties. The Internal Revenue Service is working to help to correct the tax avoidance and prevent it in the future. The small…

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Connecticut seeks to reclaim its top ranking in terms of insurance by bringing in more captive groups

Connecticut is looking to re-establish itself as the insurance capital of the nation. Legislators are currently working on a plan to encouraging more companies that specialize in captive insurance to come to the state. Captive insurance is a form of self-insurance used often in the insurance industry. Captives are typically spin-off insurance groups that provide coverage for their parent company. This allows large insurers to take more risks and explore new investment ventures. They would also bring more jobs to the state and could help bolster the economy. According to…

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