Does Insurance Coverage Cater To Cancer? All You Need To Know

Does Insurance Coverage Cater To Cancer?

The unfortunate thing about cancer is that it does not discriminate. It can affect anyone at any time, and often with little warning. And this makes it all the more necessary to have adequate health insurance coverage if you or a loved one should ever be diagnosed with the disease. Most health insurance plans will cover at least some of the cost of cancer treatment, but the coverage can vary significantly from one plan to another. It is necessary to know what your policy covers and doesn’t so you can…

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Belviq and Cancer: Can You Sue?

Belviq information

The diet drug Belviq was pulled from the shelves in early 2020 because of a new study showing multiple cancer risks. Read on to find out if you may be eligible for legal recourse after developing cancer following a Belviq regimen. What is Belviq? Belviq, also known as lorcaserin and which additionally comes in an extended-release form, was produced by the company Eisai Incorporated. Belviq is a drug prescribed for weight loss, and functions as an appetite suppressant by activating a particular serotonin receptor found in the brain’s hypothalamus. After…

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Health insurance coverage may impact cancer outcome

Cancer health Insurance Coverages

A recent study has shown that having a decent medical plan can improve a patient’s chances. Newly published research has shown that cancer patients who don’t have health insurance – or who do have it, but it is through the federal Medicaid program for those in the lowest income brackets – are at a considerably higher risk of negative medical outcomes than those with better coverage levels. The research also showed that those with poor coverage are more likely to have advanced cancer on diagnosis. Moreover, without health insurance, when…

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Thinking of Lying on Your Life Insurance Policy? Don’t

Life Insurance Process

Honesty really is the best policy if you want to live a great life as well as a great life insurance plan. It is also important to be honest when it comes to life insurance. Because if you don’t, you could potentially hurt your beneficiaries. Read on to learn what is important when it comes to life insurance. First off, let’s explain what life insurance can do for you. Life insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers people you designate as beneficiaries money if you were to pass…

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Skin Cancer Awareness

This website is hoping to make a difference by sharing vital information about detection and coverage. has just announced its latest effort in the battle against cancer, which is its current skin cancer awareness campaign, which is meant to help the site’s visitors to learn more about the signs of the disease, and to know whether or not they can benefit from supplemental cancer insurance. When it comes to illness, the best type of coverage is the form that never has to be used. That said, approximately 60,000 people…

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Supplemental Health Insurance: One of the best kept insurance secrets around

Critical illness insurance isn’t one of the more widely known forms of coverage, but it is a form of supplemental health insurance policy that is inexpensive and that can make a significant financial difference to an individual who has received a diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. The reason that few have heard of critical illness insurance until now is that it is a relatively new form of coverage in the United States. The first policy of this form was issued in 1996. According to data from the American…

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Oregon faces lawsuit after state’s insurance plan denies coverage for transgendered public employee

Gender identity can be a sensitive issue, and one rarely touched upon by the insurance industry. Indeed, there are few occasion on which the insurance industry would get involved in such issues. Oregon, however, is among the first states in the U.S. to be subject to a lawsuit filed by a transgendered public employee. The lawsuit stems from the state’s health care insurance plan denying to pay for a medical procedure. Oregon’s public employee benefits board is being accused of discrimination in regard to gender identity. Alec Esquivel, a 41…

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