Health insurance status plays a direct role in cancer patient survival

cancer health insurance status

New research has shown that patients who have coverage are more likely to obtain successful treatment. Two recent studies have underscored the importance of health insurance status. Cancer patients who have private coverage appear to have a notable survival advantage. These studies showed that people with private insurance coverage obtain an earlier diagnosis and live longer than people whose coverage is through Medicaid or people who are completely uninsured. The first study involved an analysis of the data from over 13,600 adult patients with and without insurance. These patients all…

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Health insurance coverage boosts chances for testicular cancer patients

bills health insurance coverage rates

A recent study showed that those without health plans fare worse than those who are covered. Recent study results have joined a growing body of evidence showing that health insurance coverage is directly related to improved wellness. This also suggests that Obamacare may be improving the health of Americans. This research has shown that it is not just overall health that is benefiting but cancer patients are specifically finding help. A broad spectrum of studies have linked health care quality with insurance coverage. Reduced medical outcomes are also directly connected…

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Health insurance coverage may impact cancer outcome

Cancer health Insurance Coverages

A recent study has shown that having a decent medical plan can improve a patient’s chances. Newly published research has shown that cancer patients who don’t have health insurance – or who do have it, but it is through the federal Medicaid program for those in the lowest income brackets – are at a considerably higher risk of negative medical outcomes than those with better coverage levels. The research also showed that those with poor coverage are more likely to have advanced cancer on diagnosis. Moreover, without health insurance, when…

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