Travel insurance offers people surprising benefits for a staycation

travel insurance

Many people wouldn’t even think to buy coverage for a vacation whey they’re staying home, but there are advantages. Staycations have become quite popular over the last few years – particularly since the economic crisis – but while travel insurance may be a common purchase when you’re heading out of state or out of the country, many people don’t realize that it can offer them benefits when they’re vacationing at home, too. Despite the fact that added medical coverage isn’t required, there are more benefits to travel policies. Throughout the…

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Travel insurance claim disputes are on the rise

Auto Insurance complaints

A resolution company has reported that they are dealing with five times the number of complaints. A dispute resolution company called Financial Services Complaints has reported in its travel insurance news that there has been a massive increase in the number of travel insurance issues that have arisen over the last year. For this reason, the company is cautioning consumers to understand their coverage before they buy. The company reported that they have been dealing with travel insurance complaint levels that are five times higher than they were at the…

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Wedding insurance now recommended to protect against fights

Wedding Insurance

Planners and industry experts feel that additional coverage can only help newlyweds. Following the increasing instances of fights breaking out at receptions, many planners and industry experts are now recommending that couples purchase wedding insurance to cover against the damage that could occur as a result of these unexpected circumstances. The importance of coverage has become all the more clear with the high profile fights in Philadelphia. The massive brawl that occurred in Philadelphia and that rapidly had its video go viral, providing a clear image of how rapidly, and…

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Avoid delays in winter travel with the right insurance

The holiday season is upon us once more and with it comes the inevitable winter experience which brings drivers a number of delays that are not a concern throughout the rest of the year. Travel Insurance Center has released a statement that explains that winter weather can commonly cause delays for travelers that can last from minutes to hours or days, and that since airlines do not provide reimbursements in these circumstances, it can become very expensive for travelers to have to pay for additional transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals.…

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