Canadian car insurance company discovers “pervasive” scams in Toronto auto shops

Car insurance company - Scam Alert

An insurer north of the border has investigated a string of fraud cases regarding deliberately damaged cars. A Canadian car insurance company recently held an investigation into auto body shops within the country’s largest city. Aviva Canada determined that a tremendous number of auto repair businesses are involved in scamming the insurer. The insurer determined that auto body shop workers were billing for unnecessary work or work not done. The Aviva car insurance company determined that half of the total expenses it received for crashed vehicle repairs were fraudulent. The…

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New auto insurance modifications in Ontario impact coverage for rehabilitation

Drivers in Ontario, Canada, are discovering that due to changes in auto insurance, if their doctors prescribe rehab after a car accident, the associated costs may not be covered by their policies. The brain injury clinic director from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Dr. Donna Ouchterlony, explained that there have been a growing number of declined claims for treatment plans by insurance companies. She explained that this is having a very deep impact and that “They no longer have to have a doctor review [in order] to refuse [treatment].” She…

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