Canadian health insurance may not be as free as people believe

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Report shows that Canadians do not actually have free health care A new report from the Fraser Institute suggests that Canada’s supposedly free health care system is not as free as many people may believe. In Canada, many consumers are able to obtain free medical services, with the cost of these services being covered by taxpayers throughout the country. Many people still need health insurance coverage, as some medical procedures can become quite costly, but the cost of coverage combined with the cost of the country’s health care system may…

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Insurance industry needs to evolve to handle greater risks

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Canada’s insurers, and other parties, will have to adapt to the growing frequency of natural disasters Severe weather is beginning to have a major impact on Canada’s insurance industry. As powerful storms hit populated areas, claims are beginning to apply significant financial pressure on insurance companies offer coverage for property and vehicles. The Insurance Bureau of Canada believes that the time has come to address the rising costs associated with severe weather. Doing so may help mitigate the costs that consumers see and help the insurance industry become more resilient…

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Canadian Uber drivers may need to check their auto insurance policies

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Insurance Bureau of Canada wants Uber drivers to make sure they are properly insured The Insurance Bureau of Canada is advising drivers that work for ride-share company Uber to check their auto insurance policies. The agency suggests that drivers should ensure that their insurance policies provide coverage for their vehicles that are being used for commercial purposes. In most cases, however, conventional policies do not provide commercial coverage for most drivers, as these policies only provide coverage for vehicles being used for personal purposes. As such, they may be exposed…

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Auto insurance rates continue to rise in Ontario

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Despite government efforts, premiums are on the rise in Ontario Auto insurance premiums in Ontario, Canada, continue to rise, despite promises being made by the government. In April of this year, the government had announced that insurance rates were down by 0.95% during the first quarter of the year, which is a far cry from the average 15% reduction that it had promised to achieve by next month. In Ontario, premiums continue to rise, and government action may not be enough to mitigate the issue. Several companies seek to raise…

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UberX generates auto insurance controversy in Canada

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UberX has received criticism for the insurance coverage it provides its drivers Ride-share company UberX has generated some controversy in Canada concerning auto insurance. Toronto’s taxi industry has voiced concerns about the insurance coverage that UberX provides its drivers. Per the company’s policies, its drivers are not required to purchase commercial auto insurance. There are concerns that the company does not ensure that its drivers have liability coverage either, which could place drivers and their passengers in a risky position in the event of a major accident. All rides on…

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