Auto insurance discount coming to Ontario drivers with snow tires

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The province has recently made its budget announcement and the government has continued its effort to lower rates. The Liberal government of Ontario, Canada, has now announced that it has made another line of changes to the auto insurance discount regulations in the province, as it continues its effort to bring down the costs associated to coverage for motorists. Among the regulations that have now been announced is one requiring auto insurance companies to reward drivers using snow tires. The provincial government also recently announced a number of other types…

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Usage based insurance program lets young drivers prove themselves

Young Driver auto usage based Insurance

This telematics based system will give new Ontario, Canada motorists the chance to prove their safety habits. A company called Ingenie Canada Inc. has now announced that it will be offering a usage based insurance program in Ontario, Canada, that will use telematics technology in order to allow drivers who are aged 24 years and younger to show that their habits are safer than the demographic as a whole. The company is allowing younger drivers to show their true risk level instead of being lumped in with the group. The…

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Insurance news in Canada has increased coverage requirements for oil trains

rail insurance news industry train transportation

The country is now demanding that rail vehicles transporting oil must have additional protection against spills and explosions. According to the Transport Minister of Canada, Lisa Raitt, has made an insurance news announcement that has said that the country will be increasing the amount of coverage that railways will be required to carry when they are transporting crude oil. Shippers will also have a levy imposed upon them in order to help to pay for the cost of major accidents. This insurance news comes at a time in which the…

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Insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization to end in Quebec

in vitro fertility insurance coverage

The Canadian province is making a dramatic cutback in one of its most openhanded fertility treatment public funding plans. Since the creation of the generous public funding program in Quebec, Canada for fertility treatments was first created four years ago, its costs have skyrocketed, causing the province to slash back the insurance coverage that it had been providing for in vitro fertilization. Gaétan Barette, the Health Minister of Quebec recently tabled a bill ending in vitro medicare coverage. The insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization had, for the last four…

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Insurance news could be changing for coverage for oil-by-rail risks

Insurance news Lac Megantic train derailment

The Canadian government is looking into broadening the burden for protection against disasters. According to a recent insurance news announcement made by a government official in Canada, it is considering the expansion of the coverage burden for disasters occurring in crude-by-rail transportation. It is also thinking about developing a special fund comparable to the one once established for maritime oil spills. The insurance news could be tremendous to the industry, which continues to reel from the catastrophe that occurred when an oil train lost control and exploded in the province…

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Auto insurance refund checks from ICBC delayed

auto Insurance company canada

Canadian drivers in British Columbia will need to wait a little bit longer to receive their money. Although the checks were supposed to already have been mailed to auto insurance customers of ICBC in British Columbia, Canada, who had been found to be paying too much for their policies over the last few years, it seems that there has been a delay in the process. It has been discovered that the money hasn’t yet been sent out, after all, so customers will need to keep waiting. According to the staff…

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Homeowners insurance company warns of Friday robbery spikes

Burglar Alarm Discount homeowners insurance news

According to a data analysis conducted by Aviva Canada, home burglaries dramatically rise in summer months, too. While the majority of us may look forward to Fridays because it means that we’re headed toward a weekend of fun and relaxation, a homeowners insurance company is now warning property owners to take extra precautions on that day as it is also a favorite time for burglaries. A large national home insurer has conducted a data analysis and showed that certain times are far worse than others. Aviva Canada’s data analysis showed…

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