Covered California launches massive health insurance data collection campaign

California health insurance

Covered California will be collecting data to better understand the insurance market California’s health insurance exchange, called Covered California, is set to launch a large-scale data-mining project that will aim to shed light on the way people are using their insurance coverage. The organization will collect information from the insurance companies providing policies through the exchange and it will also collect data concerning how these policies are used. Covered California will also record doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription information. Some are concerned about the security of their information With…

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State’s Unemployment Insurance Fund is falling behind on repaying federal debt

unemployment insurance

California still owes the federal government $8 billion on a loan California is falling behind on repaying a loan to the federal government. The state borrowed $10 billion from the federal government in order to ensure the recovery of its troubled Unemployment Insurance Fund. The fund exists as an insurance pool that is designed to cover the financial issues related to lack of employment. The economic recession that hit the country in 2008 and persisted through the following years placed the fund under a great deal of financial strain. Higher…

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California warns consumers to get health insurance coverage or face federal fines

california Anthem health insurance

Covered California is encouraging consumers to purchase health insurance coverage California’s health insurance exchange is about to emphasize the potential fines that consumers could face by remaining uninsured. Covered California officials are warning consumers that the open enrollment period will be coming to an end soon, which means that those without health insurance coverage will face fines from the federal government for being uninsured. In order to help people avoid these fines, the state’s insurance exchange, which is the largest state-run exchange in the country, is taking steps to raise…

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