Massive insurance fraud scam involves 33 people crashing cars

auto insurance fraud accident

In Santa Clara County auto insurers were scammed by a huge number of their policyholders. According to the Office of the District Attorney in Santa Clara County, there were 33 people involved in a tremendous insurance fraud scam, as they deliberately crashed older cars into each other in order to be able to file claims. The insurance companies were the victims of an alleged scam that had them paying for the deliberate crashes. The majority of the defendants were from San Jose. Each of them has now been charged with…

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Insurance fraud plea deal keeps Ted Lilly out of jail

Ted Lilly insurance fraud

The former MLB pitcher has accepted a plea deal in California in order to keep himself out of prison. Recently, Live Insurance News reported on the case of Ted Lilly, who was charged with insurance fraud and who was facing jail time as a part of his sentence for defrauding insurers. This case in California has taken a new turn, now that the former MLB player has accepted a plea deal. Although Lilly did not actually appear in the California court, the attorney representing him entered a no contest plea…

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195 Arrested in massive auto insurance fraud bust in California

fraudulent insurance claims jail scam

54 arrests were made throughout the Bay Area and involved claims estimated at over $250,000. A widespread auto insurance fraud investigation that spanned the state of California has now resulted in the arrest of 54 people in the Bay Area, after an alleged rash of falsified claims were submitted to insurers. This announcement was recently made by the Department of Insurance within the state. According to the announcement that was made by the state department officials, the claims from this insurance fraud bust could have led to over $250,000 in…

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Auto insurance scam investigation crashes massive fraud ring

auto insurance fraud

The Operation High End inquiry lasted for four years and has led to a number of arrests. A series of arrests have now been made as a result of the conclusion of the Operation High End four year investigation into a multimillion dollar auto insurance scam ring that was uncovered in California. The probe was conducted throughout the Los Angeles area and there have already been 12 arrests. At the time of the writing of this article, a dozen people had already been arrested for their alleged parts in this…

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Insurance fraud against commercial policyholders jumps by 12 percent

insurance fraud

Research shows that smaller retailers are often targets of insurance slip-and-fall scams. Slip-and-fall claims, that is, the form of insurance fraud where individuals create their own staged dangerous situation so that they can fake falling down and hurting themselves in order to receive monetary compensation, are on the rise, and small businesses seem to be a main target. Though this form of accident can legitimately occur, scams are increasingly making insurance news. Businesses do need the coverage in order to protect themselves financially, as an innocent individual could slip and…

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