California home insurance is harder to get with each new climate-related disaster

California home insurance - Home in California

Insurers take wildfires, high tide flooding and other issues into consideration before selling a policy. California home insurance is becoming increasingly challenging to find for many homeowners affected by climate-related disasters. Insurers are using climate science to estimate the risk associated with a property when it comes to a number of different perils. Insurers are no longer assuming that homes that were once in low-risk areas continue to be so. The last few years have shown that homes never affected by climate-related disasters are not immune to those events. High…

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Could Hippo Insurance model really change the homeowners market?

InsuranceBee and Hiscox launch insurance agent partner program

The startup insurer officially launched in California with a new way of looking at coverage. Hippo Insurance had its official launch in California this week and has taken a different perspective for homeowners policies. The concept is to offer smart homeowners insurance for modern homes. This insurance company is based in Mountain View, California and hopes to freshen the market. The insurer claims that the homeowners insurance market has barely seen any change at all in fifty years. Hippo Insurance hopes that with the changes it’s making, consumers will be…

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Homeowners insurance confusion is common in California

Homeowners Insurance credit score

Confusion concerning homeowners insurance protection is a major problem in California Confusion is a common problem among a large portion of Californians when it comes to the basics of homeowners insurance. A new poll from, an insurance aggregator, shows that many people do not accurately know what their homeowners insurance policies cover. This confusion is not only common in California, of course, and has been documented elsewhere in the U.S. Homeowners insurance confusion was recently highlighted as a major issue that exacerbated the impact of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Homeonwers…

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California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones requests reduced rates from “forced-placed” mortgage insurance companies

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has spoken with the 10 biggest insurers providing “lender-placed coverage” California insurance, in order to address a number of concerns that have been brought to his attention regarding excessive rates. Within that communication, Commissioner Jones directed that a California Department of Insurance (CDI) rate filing be made in order to lower their rates. The insurance commissioner too this step at a time when reports have been made quite heavily regarding sketchy financial integration between insurance companies that offer “forced-placed” mortgage insurance, and the mortgage lenders themselves.…

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California insurance regulators target GeoVera Insurance, imposing fines and requiring the company to make changes to underwriting

California insurance regulators have taken action against GeoVera Insurance Co., providers of residential earthquake insurance, this week. Regulators took notice of the company after having received a multitude of complaints from policyholders. According to these complaints, the insurer’s underwriting procedures are not as adequate as they are supposed to be. Regulators have investigated the matter and found that the insurer’s practices were indeed falling short of the state’s standards. GeoVera will be facing major changes as regulators look to make the company more compliant with state laws. The insurer will…

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Mercury Insurance to raise rates in California, agitating consumer advocates

Mercury Insurance is looking to raise rates on homeowners and renters insurance policies in California. The company has plans to raise rates by an average of 8.8% for some 300,000 consumers in the state. If state regulators approve the proposal, the company will be generating an additional $19 million per year in profits. Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit organization concerned with fairness for insurance consumers, claims that the proposal is unreasonable because the insurer is already awash with profit. According to Consumer Watchdog, the company paid less than 50 cents on…

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IBHS gives recommendations to protect from Southern California faces wildfires

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has released a statement reminding property owners in Southern California that the Santa Ana winds are bringing a serious risk of wildfires with them, and that certain precautions should be taken. The National Weather Service has announced that the region could be affected by another significant shove by the winds, which can gust at more than 60 miles per hour. According to an IBHS senior Scientist, Dr. Steve Quarles, “Santa Ana winds are generally warm and dry, creating tinderbox conditions, but…

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