Insurance news from California shows ruling on Obama healthcare fix

California health insurance

The president met with the state commissioner and the state has since refused the suggested patch. At the end of last week, California made insurance news by adding itself to the states that are refusing the fix recommended by President Obama that would allow Americans to be able to maintain their present health plans that have benefits that are too low to comply with the healthcare reforms. These plans would be permitted for another year, if their policyholders wish to maintain them. This insurance news from California means that two…

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Health insurance policyholders gain a reprieve in California

California Health Insurance

Health insurance cancellations continue to spark controversy The cancellation of health insurance policies throughout the U.S. has sparked serious controversy in recent weeks. Many insurers throughout the country have plans to cancel policies, preventing policyholders from renewing their policies on January 1, 2014. Insurers are cancelling policies that do not comply with the standards established by the Affordable Care Act. Those whose policies have been cancelled will be forced to purchase new health insurance coverage either from private companies or from state-based insurance exchanges. Anthem Blue Cross decides to extend…

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Healthcare reforms in California are doing far better than federal changes

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Although the rollout of the site has experienced massive struggles, is thriving. As the federal government continues to struggle with problems and errors related to its healthcare reforms, particularly in the website, California has been sailing along with a great deal of successes with its own exchange site, The problems with which many Americans have been struggling with the federal site are absent in California. Citizens in California have been able to take advantage of the better side of the healthcare reforms, as their state set…

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Aetna to pull out of individual health insurance market in California

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

Aetna bows out of individual health insurance market Health insurance has proven to be a divisive subject in the U.S. The federal Affordable Care Act has introduced many changes to the health insurance field, but it is to the extent that some states are taking health care reform that may be causing significant trouble for businesses. While the Affordable Care Act has introduced a variety of stringent regulations, states are also encouraged to adopt their own regulations and make reforms that would align better with the federal law. In California,…

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Health insurance prices in California announced

health insurance promotion

Consumers can now start to understand what they will be paying when the Affordable Care Act is implemented. California has now released the price that consumers will be paying for a number of health insurance plans that will be offered through the state’s exchange as a result of the Affordable Care Act, which will go into full effect in 2014. These newly released prices offer a glimpse of what the coverage will cost in the rest of the country. Within the federal healthcare law overhaul, Americans who are not able…

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