California may use penalties to pay for health insurance subsidies

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Covered California rates announced ...

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a tax penalty that would cover the Californian subsidy costs. Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a new move to fund health insurance subsidies in the state. It would provide an estimated 850,000 Californians with assistance in paying their premiums. The goal is to assist people who make too much to qualify for federal aid but struggle to pay premiums. To be able to afford to provide the additional health insurance subsidies, the Democratic governor has proposed a tax penalty. This would be applied to Californians…

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California health insurance premiums may spike, analysis

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Covered California predicts a possible spike in rates residents are paying for policies. California health insurance premiums may sharply rise over the next few years. In fact, Covered California’s own analysis predicts a 35 percent increase by 2021. When compared to the current rates, Californian consumers may pay 35 percent more over three years. The state is among a total of 15 predicting average rate hikes of 35 percent by 2021 compared to their current rates. Across the United States, consumers purchasing coverage on an insurance exchange may pay more.…

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California health insurance premiums set to spike under Affordable Care Act

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Covered California data paints different picture for health insurance costs A great deal of confusion has begun to surround the effect the Affordable Care Act will have on health insurance rates in California. Recently, state officials reported that the federal law would lead to a much lower than expected increase in health insurance premiums. These reports were based on information provided by Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange. The information provided by the exchange does, however, offer a different outlook on the issue that state officials may have overlooked.…

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Health insurance rules outlined for California exchange

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California officials share glimpse at future of health insurance market The California health insurance exchange is beginning to take form and consumers are finally getting a glimpse at what kind of policies will be provided through the system. The state has chosen to build and operate the exchange itself, accepting federal financial aid for the effort. This week, state officials have begun to provide some information concerning the kind of health insurance policies that will be available in the exchange beginning October of this year. Exchange to offer plans in…

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