California health insurance is available to many for only $10 per month

California health insurance - 10 dollars

One million uninsured state residents are eligible for the lowest-cost plans from the marketplace. The open enrollment period for 2023 has now begun and California health insurance is available to millions of state residents for as little as $10 per month. Some individuals and families shopping on the state’s marketplace can find coverage at no cost. Among the 1.7 million state residents who can shop on the Covered California marketplace, two out of every three are eligible for plans that are as cheap as $10 per month. Moreover, many of…

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California health insurance rebates to be sent out to small businesses

Health Insurance Refund

UnitedHealth is expected to issue $3.5 million in these refunds California health insurance giant, UnitedHealth, is the first in the state to declare the total amount in rebates that it will be issuing to small businesses due to the fact that its spending on medical care costs did not reach the 80 percent requirement under the healthcare reform laws. There will be approximately $3.5 million split among almost 4,400 small business across the state. The rebates will be received throughout the summer as the insurer also gets itself ready to…

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Commissioner Dave Jones reflects on achievements a year after taking office

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has been in office for a full year now and he has taken the occasion of this anniversary to reflect on the accomplishments he has been a part of from 2011. In a statement released by the state’s Department of Insurance, the Commissioner notes that his time in office has been filled with confrontation with the insurance industry. Indeed, many of the actions coming from the Commissioner have been met with opposition from insurers, especially the bid to give state regulators more authority over the…

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New form of insurance battle building among sufferers of eating disorders

Sufferers of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are now struggling on a new battlefield within the insurance world, calling into question the extent to which laws regulate equivalent protections for mental illnesses. Court cases and claims regarding severe instances of eating disorders are attempting to require payment for residential treatment center costs, as those institutions provide patients with monitoring around the clock every day so that they will not have the opportunity to skip meals or purge what they have consumed. Recently, some insurers have re-stated the fact…

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New California laws bring promising changes to the state’s insurance industry

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a number of health care legislations this month. Many of the laws were designed to bring affordable health insurance to those in greatest need. The new legislations are expected to make some major changes to the state’s health insurance industry as they introduce stiffer regulations concerning rates and practices. Small businesses in the state will be afforded a number of benefits from the laws in the hopes of ensuring employees are able to keep their insurance benefits. Of note, Senate Bill 51 will…

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