Employer-sponsored health insurance grows more costly in California

California health insurance

Health insurance for employers is becoming expensive in California There are concerns in California that health insurance is beginning to become unnecessarily expensive. Consumers are beginning to show worry over higher rates and employers are beginning to report that health insurance coverage is becoming more expensive and, in some cases, too costly to continue offering to employees. These concerns are backed up by a new survey from the California HealthCare Foundation. The survey shows that employer-sponsored health insurance, in particular, is certainly becoming more expensive. Survey shows costs continue to…

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Health insurance rates expected to jump in California

Health Insurance Rates California Expected to Rise

Health insurance may soon get more expensive for individuals Californians can expect to see major changes to their state’s health insurance market next year as the Affordable Care Act becomes fully enacted. Covered California, a non-profit, pseudo-government group that will be managing the state’s health insurance exchange, has released a new study concerning the effects the health care law may have on the individual market. The study suggests that prices for health insurance coverage in the individual market are going to experience some volatility in the coming year, with some…

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Health insurance proposal could make coverage more expensive in California

California health Insurance payment

New proposal could make health insurance premiums spike A new proposal facing the California Legislature could split the state into six new financial regions that could have a profound impact on the cost of health insurance throughout the state. While state lawmakers have been working to make insurance coverage more affordable, the proposal may derail these efforts by making coverage considerably more costly for many consumers, according to the state’s Department of Insurance. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones warns that introducing these new zones could make coverage nearly unattainable for a…

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California health insurance deadline quickly approaching for open enrollment

March 1st marks the deadline for open enrollment for health insurance that would cover children with pre-existing conditions in California. Parents are being urged to sign up for coverage before its too late or run the risk of higher health insurance rates. It is estimated that in California more than 1.1 million people under the age of 25 are diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions which may seriously inhibit their ability to obtain adequate coverage. Parents who miss the deadline stand to face paying as much as 20% more for coverage.…

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