Bills introduced to address health insurance issues in California

Governor Jerry Brown - California health insurance

California lawmakers look to provide consumers with more protection in the health insurance sector California lawmakers have introduced two bills to Governor Jerry Brown this week. Each of the bills is awaiting Brown’s approval, which lawmakers expect to come in short order. The bills are meant to provide consumers with more protection in the health insurance sector, preventing insurers from refusing coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions and prohibiting the limitation of coverage or excessive charging for coverage of older consumers. The legislations are also meant to make the…

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Health insurance bill in California to set a new industry benchmark

Health Insurance benefits due to healthcare reform

Residents of the state will now have a much clearer idea of the impact of the healthcare reform. A new health insurance bill is now providing Californians with a better concept of the way that the healthcare reform will be changing the way that they purchase their coverage as of 2014. Acupuncture will now be covered for the treatment of nausea as well as pain. Also covered will be many forms of tobacco cessation methods in addition to vision screening. That said, the final decision has not yet been made…

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California health insurance initiative has qualified for the ballot in 2014

California health insurance

This change in the regulation of the industry will be voted on in just over two years. A California health insurance industry regulation initiative has now qualified to be added to the ballot in November 2014. This initiative will increase the regulation on the rates that are set by insurers. The measure was drafted by Consumer Watchdog, a consumer advocacy group based in Santa Monica, after the legislation for the regulation of California health insurance rates fell short last year in the previous effort. Its approval could change the face…

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State lawmakers seek to create California health insurance bills to maintain coverage

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

The houses of the legislature are attempting to continue the health care reforms regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision. If the lawmakers in the state are successful, affordable California health insurance will remain available to residents with pre-existing conditions who are purchasing their coverage on the individual market in 2014 no matter what ruling the United States Supreme Court makes later on in June 2012. Identical bills in both houses of the legislature have been put forward for the coverage of pre-existing conditions. They would also form new regulations for…

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California regulators are one step closer to more authority over the state’s insurance industry

California lawmakers have been inching closer to passing new legislation that would give the state’s insurance regulators the authority to reject changes to health insurance premiums. On Wednesday, the proposal passed an important test and earned approval from the Senate Health Committee. Earlier in the year, many Californian health insurers instituted steep rate hikes, much to the chagrin of Dave Jones, the state’s Insurance Commissioner. Jones led the protest against the insurers and petitioned each company to stymie its rate hikes. He has been adamant in the belief that if…

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