Health care reform in California reverses position on abortion insurance

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Insurers in the state will no longer be able to sell plans that limit or exclude coverage for the procedure. Among the latest parts of the health care reform in California has been a regulation that states that insurers will no longer be able to sell policies that include limitations or exclusions of abortion coverage, according to the administration of Governor Jerry Brown. This represents a complete reversal of the position that had previously been held in California. The Department of Managed Health Care has now put out letters to…

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Insurance agents were central to the health care reform successes in California

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Regardless of political beliefs with surrounding Obamacare, many achievements were made by these professionals. From the time that the Affordable Care Act truly went into full swing, last October, insurance agents played a key role in making sure that the people who required coverage would be able to find the health plans that they needed, at the best available prices. When the Covered California exchange first started, these professionals were not seen to be as important as they became. Both the officials from California and President Obama, himself, had been…

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Health insurance rules outlined for California exchange

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California officials share glimpse at future of health insurance market The California health insurance exchange is beginning to take form and consumers are finally getting a glimpse at what kind of policies will be provided through the system. The state has chosen to build and operate the exchange itself, accepting federal financial aid for the effort. This week, state officials have begun to provide some information concerning the kind of health insurance policies that will be available in the exchange beginning October of this year. Exchange to offer plans in…

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Health care reforms in California go full steam ahead

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Officials in the state have breathed a sigh of relief from the Supreme Court’s ruling. California has always been among the states that most strongly supported the health care reforms made by President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, since it was first adopted in 2010. Now that the top court has upheld the overhaul, the state is ready to continue on with its plans to comply. According to officials in the state from both the medical and insurance industries, the law has put California in the perfect position…

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California awaits the health care reform decision of the Supreme Court

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The future shape of the medical system is riding on this one significant ruling. When President Obama implemented the health care reform in 2010, California dived into the changes, hurrying to prepare itself for the various required deadlines, such as that of the state insurance exchange which is in January 2014. It took only months before new laws were created to implement or support the federal decisions. This included various changes to the healthcare system that had been in place in the state, so that the coverage marketplaces would be…

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State lawmakers seek to create California health insurance bills to maintain coverage

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The houses of the legislature are attempting to continue the health care reforms regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision. If the lawmakers in the state are successful, affordable California health insurance will remain available to residents with pre-existing conditions who are purchasing their coverage on the individual market in 2014 no matter what ruling the United States Supreme Court makes later on in June 2012. Identical bills in both houses of the legislature have been put forward for the coverage of pre-existing conditions. They would also form new regulations for…

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The California health insurance industry from the perspective of the Insurance Commissioner

California life Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

Dave Jones has been in office since early 2011 and has made healthcare reforms a top priority. From the time that Dave Jones became the state insurance commissioner, California health insurance reforms have been a primary priority, and this goal has continued with a ballot measure that he is now backing. The measure is the Insurance Rate Public Justification and Accountability Act. Should this measure pass, it will give him the authority to block increases to rates that he considers to be excessive. He explained that as this type of…

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