Federal judge likely won’t stop San Jose gun insurance law

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This first of its kind measure in California will require firearm owners to purchase liability coverage. Despite expressing certain misgivings about a San Jose, California city ordinance requiring gun insurance for firearm owners, she indicated that she is unlikely to stand in its way. The judge expressed reservations about the component requiring firearm owners to pay a certain fee. US District Judge Bet Labson Freeman in San Jose stated at a video-conference hearing that it was not her belief that the gun insurance law implicated the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.…

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Gun insurance still being considered by many state legislatures

gun insurance liability coverage

Liability coverage is being debated by a number of different states for the ownership of firearms. Following the string of shootings across the country – such as that of Newton, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School – lawmakers in many states, as well as at the federal level, are considering ways, such as the implementation of gun insurance, for tightening control over the ownership and use of firearms. Many states are hoping to introduce or re-introduce the requirement for liability coverage for owners. For instance, the legislators in Pennsylvania and Maryland…

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Gun insurance will be required in California if bill passes

liability insurance mandatory coverage

Owners could soon have to purchase liability coverage to keep their weapons in the state. The Democratic lawmakers in California have been considering legislation that would require firearm owners in the state to have to buy liability gun insurance in order to cover any injuries or damages that are could result from the use of their weapons. Many other states have been introducing similar bills following the trend of school shootings. Among the other states that are looking into required gun insurance are New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.…

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