What does California earthquake insurance coverage provide following a disaster

California earthquake insurance coverage - House after earthquake

Following the tremors last Thursday and Friday, many residents are looking into the protection available. The importance of California earthquake insurance coverage was placed in the spotlight last Thursday and Friday. The 6.4 magnitude quake was the strongest to rock Southern California in two decades and was followed by a 7.1 magnitude quake the next day. The tremors shook homes and other buildings across hundreds of miles in the state. Independence Day came with a number of different catastrophe risks, particularly with the number of tornadoes that have been cutting…

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Interest in California earthquake insurance rises following Mexican tremors

Los Angeles California Earthquake Insurance

The devastation in Mexico City, among other parts of the country, was eye opening to many Californians. California earthquake insurance still isn’t all that popular, but the Mexican quakes have generated a marked increase in interest. Only the minority of people in the state carry earthquake insurance policies due to the high premiums. The last major tremor that affected Los Angeles was 23 years ago. At that time, a 6.7 magnitude quake struck Northridge, killing 57 people, injuring hundreds and causing an estimated $44 billion in property damage. Since that…

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California earthquake insurance ownership rises among state homeowners

San Andreas Fault Line California earthquake insurance

Last year, authorities launched a campaign to inform consumers and encourage them to cover themselves. A record number of homeowners have purchased California earthquake insurance following a significant effort to encourage consumers to buy coverage. In 2016, the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) rolled out a number of new policy options and other offerings to boost the accessibility of coverage. The CEA is the leading American insurance policy provider for residential earthquake coverage. Last year the CEA rolled out several new California earthquake insurance policy types and deductible options. Moreover, it…

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Will earthquake insurance sales rise with popularity of “San Andreas” movie?

earthquake insurance companies

The film starting Dwayne Johnson has triggered a preparedness trend among California residents. For people who live in California, the ever looming threat of the “Big One” is not something new, but the popularity of the “San Andreas” movie has spurred an interest in earthquake insurance and other preparedness steps and products. The question that is now being asked is whether this could help Californians to step out of a phase of denial. The release of the “San Andreas” movie occurred shortly after the release of a US Geological Survey…

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Earthquake insurance may soon be more important than many Californians realize

sink hole earthquake insurance

A new scientific report has shown that the state will nearly definitely be hit by a massive quake inside three decades. The results of a new U.S. Geological Survey are now showing that earthquake insurance could become one of the most important investments that the residents of California can purchase in order to protect themselves. The scientific report has shown that before 30 years have passed, the state will see a mega-quake almost definitely. The industry has been warning about the importance of earthquake insurance, particularly areas along the San…

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