California homeowners overcharged for wildfire insurance to be refunded

Wildfire insurance - person holding money that's on fire

State Commissioner Ricardo Lara has announced that there will be about $1.5 million in refunds. California Commissioner Ricardo Lara has announced that Kemper Independent Insurance Company overcharged its policyholders for their wildfire insurance coverage. As a result, that insurer has issued $1.5 million in refunds to thousands of homeowners. The Department of Insurance determined that the insurer had been overcharging for that risk. Both Kemper and Unitrin Auto and Home Insurance Company, its affiliate insurer, have also agreed to pay $617,200 to the General Fund as a combined penalty and…

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Judge offers bad news to Toyota owners over “economic loss” claims

In Santa Ana, California, U.S. District Judge, James Selna, announced that the owners of Toyota who have been seeking to recover their losses in the value of their vehicles are unable to pursue such claims according to the state’s law, during Wednesdays ruling. Toyota owners said that the value of their vehicles have dropped due to the acceleration problem that has caused several deaths in the past. This setback has become quite a problem for the Toyota owners, as the state of California consumer protection laws would have normally given them…

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