Auto insurance premiums reduction sought by Consumer Watchdog

California Low Income Auto Insurance Program

The group claims the agency running the car policy program is seeking to charge $40 more than necessary. According to a Consumer Watchdog actuarial analysis, California drivers who are in the low income bracket and who maintain a good driving record should be paying 3.9 percent less on their car coverage premiums through the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program. The analysis was just submitted to the California Department of Insurance. The auto Insurance Commissioner in the state is now performing an annual review in order to decide whether or not…

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California auto insurance policyholders to see improvements in price

California auto insurance

State commissioner Dave Jones announces decreases of up to 9 percent in premiums. New and important changes to the state’s low cost California auto insurance program have been announced by Commissioner Dave Jones, who said that as of May 15, there will be a decrease of up to 9 percent to the policies across the 58 counties. Furthermore, there has been an increase to the income eligibility caps, so that more drivers will qualify. The hope is that more of the uninsured drivers in the state will take part in…

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