California fire station project on pause because it can’t get property insurance

Property insurance - Pause Button on Fire Station

The crisis in the state is largely from wildfires, but even those battling them can’t get insured Wildfire risk is very high in many parts of California, leading to what many have called a property insurance crisis in both the residential and business markets. Many insurers have withdrawn from selling More recently, the size of the issue became particularly clear when a project to upgrade a fire station in the area stalled due to a lack of property insurance availability. Homeowners living in California’s mountains face a particularly high wildfire…

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California wildfires get off to an early and costly start

California Wildfiire Insurance

With a drought already in place, the season has begun in a disastrous way. The historic droughts that have already been wreaking havoc across the United States have kicked off California wildfires season earlier than usual, and the insurance industry is now predicting that the costs of the damage will be as high as $1.8 billion. This cost represents about $500,000 more than the amount available for fire control resources. The California wildfires aren’t the only ones that are now raging. Oklahoma has also found itself battling seven fires, already,…

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