Buy flood insurance now as opposed to waiting, says FEMA

Buy Flood Insurance - Flood Waters - Caution sign

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is telling people not to delay before purchasing coverage. FEMA has issued a recommendation to homeowners, instructing them to buy flood insurance today instead of waiting to make their decision at a later date. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said that now is a good time for buying this coverage. The policies to which FEMA referred are through the National Flood Insurance Program. Among the top reasons FEMA is saying that homeowners should buy flood insurance now instead of later is that there is a…

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Flood insurance is an uncommon solution to a common problem in the United States

Insurance News Editorial

This Week’s Trending Topic: Flood insurance in the US is often misunderstood In the U.S., flood insurance is often a misunderstood issue. Many homeowners throughout the country live in regions that can be considered to be at high risk of flooding, either due to heavy rainfall or because of the region’s exposure to hurricanes. While homeowners in these regions of the country are exposed to flooding disasters, very few people actually have flood insurance protection. This could be due to a simple misunderstanding that most people have regarding their homeowners…

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Homeowners are reminded that springtime means flood insurance

With the official start of spring, while many homeowners are seeing that the dry conditions over the winter have reduced the risk of flooding, the Insurance Information Institute is reminding them that throughout the springtime, the flooding risk still remains high due to hurricanes, heavy rains, and other types of catastrophes. Homeowners, home renters, and business owners should all consider purchasing a policy that will protect them from flood, or renewing one that they have already had, to ensure that there isn’t a gap in their coverage. In the United…

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Newly mapped FEMA flood plain requires some Michigan residents to purchase coverage

Certain residents of Michigan have recently received letters from their mortgage companies, informing them that they will be required to purchase flood insurance, or that coverage will be bought on their behalf. This is the result of a newly mapped flood plain by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and affects the residents of the Frank and Poet Drain, who are currently in an uproar over the sudden cost. Since February 2012, when the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) went into effect, there has been a much larger area…

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Many U.K. homeowners may not be able to obtain flood insurance by 2014

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has made an announcement that indicates that approximately 200,000 homes throughout the United Kingdom that are at a high risk of flooding might not be able to obtain flood insurance coverage beyond 2014. This announcement came close on the heels of widespread predictions that the government may not be able to come up with the necessary funds for building the required flood-control infrastructure, despite the fact that climate change is causing water and sea levels to continually rise. Some have suggested that many homeowners…

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