How Does Value Creation Ensure a Thriving Business

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Modern-day businesses compete in highly competitive and volatile environments to acquire consumers and establish brand loyalty. All thriving companies have long histories of struggle and survival and resilience to rise above the noise and stand out.  What differentiates a business from its competitors, mostly when the rival company is selling similar offerings? Value creation is a differentiating factor that allows every individual and organization to succeed by carving individuality. The art of creating value for its customers allows a business to establish its brand identity and engage its audience effectively.…

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4 Ways Higher Education Helps Run A Business Successfully

Upon the turn of the 20th century, society as we know it changed forever. With the industrial revolution having sown the roots of modern society, we saw significant transport, business, and education breakthroughs. Communities began to develop faster in the last two centuries than ever before. With the increasing need for labor, businesses flourished, and the free market came into existence. With this diversity in the industry came the freedom of choice in several avenues. One area of society that benefitted incredibly from the industrial revolution was the education sector. …

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The Role of Accountants in Modern Business Organizations

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Becoming an accountant is one of the most popular and well-sought careers. Not surprising as accountants enjoy many benefits from managing bank accounts and different businesses. Accountants perform several roles, including keeping track of companies’ bank statements and making sure they have the relevant paperwork in hand to submit for taxation. However, in modern-day businesses, with everything, even accounting has shown a drastic change. Does the question remain how an accountant fits in this contemporary business operations?  Roles of an Accountant in the Modern Society Accountants are known for handling…

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