State to investigate homeowners insurance rate hikes

homeowners insurance

Massachusetts launches inquiry into growing homeowners insurance premiums The Massachusetts Senate will be launching an inquiry into “troubling homeowners insurance rate increases.” Several homeowners in the state have been hit by large increases as insurers sought to recover from financial losses due to heavy snowfall last winter. Last year, record snowfall caused significant damage to property and loss of business, which placed more pressure on insurers who now want to recover from these losses. This is somewhat typical for the insurance industry, especially in the wake of significant natural disasters.…

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Winter Storm Nemo has mild impact on homeowners insurance

Snow Storm homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance expected to fare well in wake of Nemo The northeastern U.S. has been suffering from a spate of natural disaster over the past few months. In October of last year, the East Coast was struck by Hurricane Sandy, which caused significant damage to homes and properties in New York and New Jersey. This month, a powerful blizzard swept across the northeast. Winter Storm Nemo, as it is called, buried much of the region in heavy snowfall, causing disruption of businesses in many states and causing further problems for…

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