The World’s Most Expensive Insurance Claims

Insurance News on catastrophe insurance losses

Damages add up big time for insurance industry. Insurance policies provide your business with security and assurance that your assets and possessions are accounted for in the event of unfortunate circumstances that directly affect your operations. Problems arise and come in different forms, but during the past decade, certain elements have become regular contributors in creating the most expensive insurance claims. By being able to identify and learn more about these factors, you can figure out if including them in your insurance policy is worth looking into. Natural elements Today’s…

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Insurance news made in Texas with trial set for fraudulent crash of $1M car

Insurance News Bugatti in water

The driver has been accused of deliberately crashing the Bugatti to collect payments. A Texas man is making insurance news in a fraud case in which he has been accused of deliberately driving his rare, $1 million Bugatti car directly into a lagoon in order to be able to collect on his policy. The lawsuit was filed against the man by the insurer that was covering the vehicle. The driver of the car, Andy House, crashed the car three years ago, but the court case has only just come back…

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