UK flood insurance could cost insurers at least £500 billion

UK Flood Insurance

This expense could rapidly double if the disastrous weather conditions keep up in the country. The latest data from a Deloitte LLP partner is showing that the storms and flooding that are pounding on the country – one after the next – could cost the home, auto, and UK flood insurance industry a minimum of £500 million. That is only considered to be a starting point as the cost could end up being much higher. This amount, which is about $822 million, could double, according to the partner, James Rakow,…

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UK flood insurance leads to confrontation with Prime Minister

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David Cameron was confronted by a woman who accused him of a “betrayal” regarding the delay in the coverage program. United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron visited Yalding, Kent, only to be confronted by a woman named Ericka Olivares, who accused him and the Government of betraying the flooding victims through the delays in the UK flood insurance program when he had promised that premiums would be kept down. Olivares urged Cameron to push a deal forward that would make this coverage affordable. She pressured him to bring a deal…

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Landlord insurance recommended to help protect investments in the UK

Landlord Insurance

Property owners who are renting out have been advised to make sure they have coverage against floods. Experts in the landlord insurance sector of the industry are reminding the owners of rented properties in the United Kingdom about the importance of protecting their investment, particularly against perils such as flooding, which have become an increasing problem over the last few years. They are reminding these owners that a policy could make the difference between the life and death of their investments. Flooding is already becoming a growing issue in the…

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Flood insurance deal not reached between ABI and UK government

Flood Insurance

The Environment Secretary has expressed the “disappointment” that he feels at the failure to come together. Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary in the U.K. has revealed that he is feeling “disappointment” as a result of the failure of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the British government to reach a deal for a flood insurance program that would protect homes and businesses in high risk areas. The two organizations have been in talks over a new coverage strategy for many weeks as the deadline looms. The discussions have been with…

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Many U.K. homeowners may not be able to obtain flood insurance by 2014

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has made an announcement that indicates that approximately 200,000 homes throughout the United Kingdom that are at a high risk of flooding might not be able to obtain flood insurance coverage beyond 2014. This announcement came close on the heels of widespread predictions that the government may not be able to come up with the necessary funds for building the required flood-control infrastructure, despite the fact that climate change is causing water and sea levels to continually rise. Some have suggested that many homeowners…

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