Insurance coverage battle for breast-feeding benefits still an issue

Breast Pumps Obamacare insurance coverage

Nursing moms are struggling to obtain the payments that are promised to them through the Affordable Care Act. A group of women in Illinois are currently battling with their insurers over the issue of insurance coverage for breast feeding and related health services, as is required by the health care reform of 2010. The moms are saying that their insurers are denying claims that request full payment for lactation consultants. Many women find that certified lactation consultants provide invaluable advice and relief when they are first learning how to breast-feed…

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Insurance regulations generate shortage of breast pumps

breast pump insurance news

Changes to the rules have made it nearly impossible for mothers in the Mid-South to find the devices. New mothers throughout the Mid-South of the United States are struggling to be able to obtain the equipment that they require in order to be able to feed their babies, as breast pumps have become very hard to find as a result of new insurance rules. These devices are selling out just as quickly as the latest mobile and electronic gadgets. Breast pumps are machines that help mothers to be able to…

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