Mental health insurance helps people to receive depression diagnoses

mental health insurance

People who have private coverage are more likely to receive a diagnosis of the condition than the uninsured. The results of the latest National Health and wellness Survey that was conducted by Kantar Health have now been released and they have revealed that when people have private mental health insurance coverage, they are more likely to receive a diagnosis of depression than is the case among people who have publicly assisted or provided plans. The survey showed that the difference in the diagnosis rate between these two groups is considerable.…

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Insurance industry of Brazil sees promising growth potential

Brazil Insurance Industry

Allianz predicts Brazilian insurance industry will see significant growth this year Allianz, Europe’s largest insurance organization, has high hopes for the insurance industry in Brazil. The country boasts of one of the most promising insurance markets in the world, partly due to an expanding economy and the relatively low number of natural disasters it has seen over the past year. Brazil has begun investing heavily in its infrastructure, especially where electrical power is concerned. The country has been showing strong support for renewable energy, but still maintains a reliance on…

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Online System Helps Expedite Clinical Trials in China and Brazil

WARREN, NJ, February 1, 2012– Life sciences companies can avoid costly delays in beginning clinical trials in China and Brazil by downloading local insurance certificates through WORLDcert. This online system from the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies can now also be used to instantly obtain specimen policy language for trials in many countries where ethics committees require the review of insurance contract terms and conditions. “WORLDcert enables clinical trial sponsors, their agents and brokers, and contract research organizations to quickly provide ethics committees with evidence that adequate insurance is in…

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FERMA petitions Brazil to rethink new insurance regulations

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) is calling upon the Brazilian government to make changes to new insurance regulations, claiming that they will threaten the ability of insurers to provide coverage for large commercial industries as well as drive up the cost of coverage. The regulations are scheduled to take effect by the end of the month, which has incited FERMA to take such an unusual step in appealing the government on behalf of its members. The regulations to be enforced in Brazil include provisions that would prohibit…

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