What You Need To Know About Car Insurance Fraud

car insurance fraud and how to avoid it

While you may typically think of car insurance as a way to protect you in case of an accident, others may look at car insurance as a way to make money off of others. Car insurance fraud occurs when someone purposely tries to gain money or benefits that they know they are not eligible to receive.  Even if you do not participate in car insurance fraud, you can still be a victim of someone who does. By understanding these facts about car insurance fraud, you will be able to protect…

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Strategic alliance formed between Aspen U.S. Insurance and V3 Insurance Partners LLC

Aspen U.S. Insurance has announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with the managing general underwriting agency, V3 Insurance Partners, in order to be able to sell the optional premises liability and miscellaneous professional liability program called Vantage 360® MPL+ to every state in the country. This program was created with professional service companies in mind; specifically those with less than $15 million in yearly revenues. The program is for wholesale brokers only by way of V3. Protection is made available on both a non-admitted and admitted basis. V3…

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