Wallet Overboard: What You Need to Know about Boater’s Insurance

Boat Insurance

With the boating season getting into top gear for another year it is a good time for re-evaluating what boaters insurance you currently have and whether it is good enough to ensure you are not left out of pocket in the event of making claim. There are a few fundamental errors that a number of boat owners make with their insurance coverage and also a fair number of widespread misconceptions, so here is a look at some of those frequent mistakes and how to protect your boat from causing you…

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Boat insurance lawsuit filed regarding sunken ship

boat insurance ship

The owner of the vessel that sunk is now filing a number of suits in relation to the incident. The owner of the tall ship Larinda and of a commercial vessel that sunk, has now launched a wave of different legal actions with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, in Canada, regarding its boat insurance coverage and other issues. The documents that were filed by the plaintiffs name issues of misrepresentation and of negligence. According to the filings, LeGrow’s Marine Ltd., Larinda Ltd., and the president and director of those two…

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Marine insurance sectors continues to struggle from 2012 losses

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance takes a grievous blow from Hurricane Sandy It has been nearly six months since Hurricane Sandy struck the U.S. and losses from the powerful storm are still being reported and tallied. The storm, which hit the East Coast in October 2012, caused widespread flooding throughout several states, but the storm surges created by the storm also had a powerful impact on the marine market, and not just in the U.S., but around the world. The International Union of Marine Insurance has released a new report highlighting the global…

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The latest summer insurance news issues for consumers

Insurance News Amy Grant NAIC

Concerns and coverage needs change during the hotter months. Summer is now underway and all of the favorite activities for the hot weather are starting to be enjoyed. However, before you get your vacation fully underway, it’s important to make sure to check with the latest insurance news and know that you have all the coverage you need. Whether you’re buying a boat, renting a cottage, or installing a pool, consider summer coverage needs. All too many people don’t give insurance news statistics a second though, putting themselves at risk…

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Boat insurance is now taking dogs and other animals into account

dog pet insurance company

Some pet insurance coverage now includes injuries on the water. The largest recreational boat owners group in the United States, BoatUS, has just announced that it has launched a number of programs that are designed specifically for owners of dogs and other animals, such as the pet insurance coverage that is being offered through its boat insurance. The coverage is available to boaters through the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program. It first came effective on June 1, 2012, and is a form of pet insurance protection that will automatically include a…

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