Boat insurance lawsuit filed regarding sunken ship

boat insurance ship

The owner of the vessel that sunk is now filing a number of suits in relation to the incident. The owner of the tall ship Larinda and of a commercial vessel that sunk, has now launched a wave of different legal actions with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, in Canada, regarding its boat insurance coverage and other issues. The documents that were filed by the plaintiffs name issues of misrepresentation and of negligence. According to the filings, LeGrow’s Marine Ltd., Larinda Ltd., and the president and director of those two…

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Finding and choosing the right boat insurance quote

U.S. Coast Guard data is currently showing that property damage that includes boats is significantly increasing, which is also boosting the need for not only boat insurance, but the correct policy. As a result of the rising instances of property damage with boats, many states are now making boat insurance mandatory. Even if you are not in one of the states that require you to be insured, if you have a loan for your boat, or if you use a marina, the odds are that you will need to purchase…

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Coast Guard pushing safer boating following 9 deaths

Officials from the Coast Guard are making efforts to push safer boating behaviors in response to nine deaths in the Mid-Atlantic region within the last two weeks. According to the Coast Guard, the most recent deaths happened as a result of a capsized pleasure craft near the Ocean City Inlet in Ocean City, Maryland on Saturday, June 11, 2011. Before this, were other deaths, including a drowning which occurred on May 30, when a 42 year old man leapt from a sailboat in the James River in Virginia. He was…

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