Hawaii residents rush to obtain newly required boat insurance

Boat Insurance Policy - Hawaii Flag

The state now requires a new level of coverage, but boaters say it’s impossible to get The state of Hawaii has announced a new rule it wants boaters in the state to follow regarding their boat insurance coverage, but many people are saying that despite their best attempts, it’s not possible to comply. Coverage is required in order to use any of the state’s harbors However, the new regulation would have boaters purchasing $100,000 in boat insurance coverage for salvaging a vessel that has run aground. This is the case…

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Boat insurance lawsuit filed regarding sunken ship

boat insurance ship

The owner of the vessel that sunk is now filing a number of suits in relation to the incident. The owner of the tall ship Larinda and of a commercial vessel that sunk, has now launched a wave of different legal actions with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, in Canada, regarding its boat insurance coverage and other issues. The documents that were filed by the plaintiffs name issues of misrepresentation and of negligence. According to the filings, LeGrow’s Marine Ltd., Larinda Ltd., and the president and director of those two…

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What should you ask your boat insurer to get the best coverage?

As you get ready to launch your boat for the first time this year, it’s important to make sure that you start by purchasing your boat insurance and that you obtain the right level of coverage for the best price. To accomplish this goal, you’re going to want to make sure to ask the boat insurance company a few questions before you make your final purchase: • How much coverage is there for someone who borrows the boat? Different policies provide varying degrees of coverage for passengers, crew, and people…

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Progressive Insurance adds to mobile commerce offerings with recreational and sports vehicle coverage quotes

Progressive Insurance has announced that it has expanded its mobile commerce offerings to consumers by adding the ability to use a smartphone or tablet in order to receive quotes for the coverage of motorcycles, RV’s boats, and other recreational and powersports vehicles. Progressive Insurance is already the leading motorcycle insurance company in the United States, and is also the top boat and RV insurer. Clearly, it saw the benefit in expanding its current mobile quote optimization to include this group of vehicles as well as more traditional cars, SUVs, pickups,…

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Allstate releases common boating accident avoidance tips

As this year’s boating season passes its peak and begins to come to a close, Allstate Insurance has identified the most common forms of boating accident and has released tips for boaters to avoid making common errors that can lead to damage to their vehicles. The Coast Guard is reminding boaters to remain vigilant, but is already celebrating a notable drop in the number of accidents and fatalities. For example, a recent report showed that accidents have been falling over the years, as there were 4730 reported in 2009, but…

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