Health insurance rates may be going up in Alabama

Health insurance rates

Insurers seek rate increases Health insurance premiums for policies sold through the Alabama exchange could be rising by a significant margin. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, which sells policies through the exchange, is requesting a rate increase averaging 28%. This rate increase would affect individual plans. For the Blue Choice Platinum – Individual plan that the insurer offers, rates could go up as much as 71%. The rate increases are expected to affect some 175,000 people. Average cost of UnitedHealthcare plans could grow by 24.5% Another insurer is also…

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Health insurance for married same sex couples now offered by Blue Cross

Same Sex Couples health insurance

The largest insurer in Alabama is now required to comply with a federal rule to treat all married couples equally. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, the largest health insurance company in the state, is now offering spousal coverage to same sex couples that are legally married, so that the insurer will comply with a federal regulation that states that all married couples must be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation. A spokesperson for the insurance company said that the same sex spousal coverage started being offered this year.…

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Entirety of Alabama to be covered by health insurance exchange

online health insurance technology exchange

Whole of Alabama could be covered by health insurance plans The entirety of Alabama is expected to be covered by the state’s health insurance exchange when it becomes operational at the beginning of 2014. The state’s exchange system is to be managed by the federal government, but state officials have been fielding proposals from health insurance companies concerning the policies that will be available through the exchange. Several of these insurers have come forward with expansive health insurance plans, with a few even offering to provide coverage to the entirety…

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