Insurance survey shows Americans receiving more opioid prescriptions than ever

opioid addiction insurance survey

The research shows 1 in 5 people received an opioid painkiller prescription at least once in 2015 alone. A new insurance survey conducted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield revealed that over one in five Americans were prescribed opioid painkillers at least one time in 2015. This was based on claims data from policyholders covered by that insurer. Moreover, opioid addiction and dependence claims have skyrocketed by 500 percent from 2010 to 2016. The report on the insurance survey involved data based on coverage for 30 million people across the…

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Health insurance premiums continue to grow in the US

Health Insurance premiums rise

Insurers are looking to raise rates on coverage being offered in 2016 Many of the country’s largest health insurance companies are looking to raise rates for the coverage they will provide in 2016. These insurers are seeking rate increases on policies provided through health insurance exchanges, and in some cases rates could go up by more than 40%. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the insurers looking to raise premiums. For those living in Minnesota, coverage provided by the insurer could become significantly more expensive. Blue Cross and…

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Health insurance rates in Arkansas to remain stable

Arkansas Health Insurance

Health insurance companies announce plan to keep rates stable Three of Arkansas’ largest health insurance companies have announced that they will keep rates for individual policyholders steady through the first year of the Affordable Care Act. The federal health care law has raised many concerns regarding the growing costs of health insurance coverage. Many people believe that the law will cause rates to spike in the individual and group markets and these concerns are often stoked by insurance providers. In many states, however, rates are expected to increase by a…

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