Health insurance for U.S. employees is not required to cover birth control

Birth Control insurance

Though the overall law still stands, companies can object on religious grounds in order to gain exemption. The U.S. Supreme Court has recently released a new health insurance ruling that states that companies are permitted to submit an objection on religious grounds to a health care reform provision that would require them to provide birth control coverage within their group plans. The court held this decision on a vote of 5 to 4 that companies could seek this type of exemption. This ruling was carefully made to reflect that while…

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Supreme Court rules against health insurance provision of Affordable Care Act


Supreme Court rules to overturn provision forcing companies to provide coverage for contraceptive care The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling concerning the Affordable Care Act’s provision prohibiting organization from denying coverage for birth control and contraceptive care on religious grounds. This provision has generated a significant degree of controversy alongside the other provisions of the health care reform law. The ruling from the Supreme Court may dispel some of this controversy, but it will also allow businesses and other organizations to deny coverage for contraceptive care. Ruling marks…

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Washington insurer facing fines after denying coverage for contraceptives for women

As the nation’s insurers begin to make the shift in covering birth control for women, some companies are falling behind. Washington’s Regence BlueShield, one of the state’s largest health insurance companies, is being fined by state insurance regulators for denying coverage to nearly 1,000 women. The company is now facing fines coming from the state’s Insurance Department. Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler was first made aware of the issue early this week when a consumer contacted his office to file a complaint. Regence BlueShield now faces a $100,000 fine for what…

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