Bicycle insurance grows more popular with popularity of cycling

Bicycle insurance bike cycling

Throughout the United Kingdom, a rising number of people are biking to their destinations. In the U.K., cycling has become notably more popular for people who want to travel a short distance without using their cars, and this has led to a growth in the number of customers who are purchasing bicycle insurance policies. According to the customer data that has been released by Aviva, those numbers have risen considerably. In fact, according to the bicycle insurance figures that were produced by Aviva, there has been a growth of 75…

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Bicycle insurance buying and savings tips

bicycle insurance

Cyclists can obtain coverage and save money at the same time. Though many cyclists don’t think that bicycle insurance is necessary, there is more to its coverage than many people realize, and it can save anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars from having to be paid out of pocket. Though theft is a common claim, there are many other financial losses that are also covered. Bicycle insurance isn’t just designed to help when the bike goes missing. Other forms of coverage that are often involved in a person’s policy…

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It’s not just about your home, auto and life insurance policies anymore

pet insurance

Why specialty insurance is on the rise in the U.S. In a country where many people don’t have health insurance, it might seem surprising that specialty insurance is on the rise. However, it’s also a country where people treat their pets like family and their iPhone like personal assistants. As people weigh the cost/benefit of insuring what they love in their lives, more and more of them are deciding that they’d rather be safe than sorry. Here are five reasons why specialty insurance is on the rise. *1) Pets are…

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Forms of insurance coverage not always considered by consumers

Though consumers are typically aware that they need homeowners’, renters’, and automobile insurance, there are other forms of coverage that can be offered by policies of which they may be entirely unaware unless they are highly knowledgeable about the various types of protection available. Some of them include: • Personal Electronic Equipment Insurance – this is a very practical insurance for consumers who have expensive electronic devices at home, such as televisions, audio equipment, or computers. It covers loss and damage and might even pay for repairs and replacement, depending…

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