What you need to know about Berkshire insurance investing struggles

Berkshire Insurance - Analysis - Woman with glasses

Warren Buffett is known for outstanding outcomes in this industry but current figures are sour. In the investing world, Berkshire insurance decisions have often been seen as the gold standard in terms of solid and reliable choices. However, the company’s operating earnings fell in Q2 2019, shocking many investors. Insurers owned by Berkshire saw a substantial plummet in underwriting income in that quarter. Berkshire insurance underwriting income fell by almost 63 percent during the second quarter. This brought it to $353 million. The firm’s reinsurance unit also drooped to a…

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Insurance news from Berkshire Group includes GIC deal withdrawal

Insurance news Berkshire GIC deal

The two companies had previously come to an agreement, but the latter has failed to uphold its side. The Berkshire Group has made insurance news as it just revealed that it is pulling out of a deal that it had with General Insurance Corporation (GIC), a company from India, ending an agreement that was supposed to continue for a period of three years. However, GIC has paid the premiums for only two quarters, losing the reinsurance business at Berkshire. The three year contract made insurance news when GIC failed to…

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Insurance news from Buffet’s firm shoes less reliance on the industry

Insurance News - Warren Buffett, CEO of Bershire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway investors are looking toward a positive future. The insurance news that followed shortly after Warren Buffet’s birthday has indicated that while there is a positive future for investors in Berkshire Hathaway, there will need to be decisions made after the great man is no longer at the helm. Shareholders are wondering about the evolution of the company after Buffet’s contributions. Berkshire is currently made up of over 80 businesses that brought in over $3 billion in profit during the last quarter. It has a Class A stock that…

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