Former President Barack Obama aims to boost Obamacare enrollment with new video

boost obamacare enrollment

The goal is to encourage more people – particularly young adults – to sign up before the deadline. In an attempt to give Obamacare enrollment a shot in the arm, former President Barack Obama released an almost ninety second video on his social media accounts. Obama hopes to correct the trend reversal in which fewer Americans have been signing up. Within the video, Obama urged Americans, particularly young adults, to head to and start their Obamacare enrollment before the deadline on December 15. His video was shared on Facebook,…

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Arizona sees gains in health insurance

Arizona Health Insurance industry

Arizona’s uninsured population falls to 17.5% The number of people without health insurance coverage has fallen in Arizona. According to information from the Obama Administration, the state’s uninsured population fell from 20.4% in 2013 to 17.5% at the end of 2014. Federal officials are claiming that this is a victory for the Affordable Care Act, which has sought to make health insurance coverage more accessible to consumers throughout the country. According to Barack Obama, the healthcare reform plan has now been “woven into the fabric of America.” Affordable Care Act…

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Obama launches new campaign to put down health insurance confusion

Obama Health Insurance

Confusion concerning health insurance continues to grow among consumers The saga of the Affordable Care Act is beginning to grow more tempestuous as the law inches closer to January 1, 2014, the day it will be fully enacted. President Barack Obama, who has been the champion of the health care law since it was passed in 2010, has launched a new campaign to promote the various aspects of the law. The campaign is meant to shed more light on Obamacare — a term for the Affordable Care Act that President…

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Federal unemployment insurance thrust into the limelight

President Obama health insurance Obamacare

Obama speaks out about federal unemployment insurance program In the U.S., a federal unemployment insurance program is set to expire at the end of this year. President Barack Obama this week warned federal lawmakers not to let this program expire or it could spell disaster for long-term jobless individuals. During a press conference held on Wednesday, Obama criticized the Plan B proposal on a number of fronts, one of which includes its refusal to address the unemployment issue. Plan B does not account for insurance woes The Plan B proposal…

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