Arizona health insurance co-op will be closing at the end of the year

Arizona Health Insurance Exchange

Meritus Health Partners is struggling to find any financial success Arizona’s health insurance co-op, a non-profit organization meant to ensure state residents have access to insurance coverage, will be shutting down on December 31 this year. Meritus Health Partners, which provides coverage to nearly 60,000 Arizona residents, has suffered from financial complications over the past year, leaving it in a very troubling situation. The co-op’s governing board has determined that the best course of action will be to close down the co-op, with those affected by the closure having to…

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Arizona health insurance co-op is finally finding some traction

Arizona Health Insurance

Insurance co-op reports skyrocketing enrollment numbers this year Arizona’s non-profit health insurance co-op has seen a major increase in enrollment following poor enrollment predictions in 2014. Last year, the co-op was audited by the Department of Health and Human Services, which found that enrollment numbers were abysmal, with the co-op only providing coverage for some 869 people. This is only 4% of the co-op’s enrollment target of 24,000, making it one of the worst performing health insurance co-ops in the country. Meritus is finding traction among consumers in Arizona Despite…

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Childhood vaccinations become more complicated due to insurance

childhood vaccinations vaccine injection needle health insurance

Some parents are starting to find it harder to find pediatricians who offer this medical service. Parents of children in some areas of Arizona are finding it increasingly challenging to be able to find a pediatrician who will give childhood vaccinations, due to the increased complications that are occurring as a result of insurance reimbursements. Pediatricians have started to quit offering the service because of reimbursement struggles with insurance. Childhood vaccinations are very important to a kid’s health and is vital to allowing a child to attend school. However, due…

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