European insurance companies seek to reduce risks from CO2 and coal

European Insurance companies - Focus on Europe

The sector is creating its own plan in the name of climate change and cutting back on its risks. European insurance companies are boosting their investments in green energy at the same time that they’re letting go of certain carbon intensive businesses. This move is being made for the purpose of doing their part to cut back on risks associated with climate change. This move was announced at the same time that 200 countries meet in Poland to discuss climate initiatives. As a growing number of countries around the world…

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Auto insurance fraud is coming back to the UK

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Insurers are seeing a growing number of fraudulent whiplash claims coming from drivers and other parties Drivers in the United Kingdom can expect to pay more for their auto insurance coverage, as the plague of fraudulent whiplash claims has returned and may be worse than ever. Fraud has placed many insurers under greater financial pressure, and falling profits typically mean higher insurance premiums. As fraud becomes more prevalent, drivers may see an increase in their auto insurance premiums of an average of 15% next year. Fraud is becoming more common…

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Advocates of Holocaust insurance claim seek to draw Obama’s notice

Three quarters of a century after the murder of family members in the Nazi death camps, Holocaust survivors continue their battle with insurance companies to have their money returned to them, and the Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA hoped to draw the attention of Obama to the cause, in Miami during his visit. Insurance companies that include AXA, Allianz, and Generali all continue to refuse to hand over payments for the insurance policies of holocaust survivors – and the descendents of those who had been sent to the death camps – unless…

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Leading European property and casualty insurers saw premiums increase of 5.2%

Spain-based MAPFRE has released the results of its 7th annual survey of European insurance companies and has ordered them based on their writing of gross premiums, determining that all of the top insurers were able to both raise their revenues from premiums and achieve successful outcomes that were largely based on activity outside their own countries. The survey specifically examined non-life insurers, and the report published by MAPFRE stated that the top ten insurance companies saw an increase of 5.2 percent in their premiums, bringing them to $283.39 billion in…

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