Auto insurance company in Canada cracks down on UberX drivers

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An insurer has started cancelling the policies of drivers who are working with personal coverage. The Toronto Star has now reported that it has received an internal bulletin from the Aviva Canada auto insurance company and that has revealed that it is cracking down on UberX drivers who are covering themselves with personal policies but who are using their vehicles for commercial purposes. Estimates from the City of Toronto show a monthly average of 500,000 UberX rides in the city. Now, one of the largest auto insurance companies in the…

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Aviva makes insurance news by releasing its plans to ride out the economy’s downturn

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The insurer will be trimming the fat to survive the downturn. Aviva, the number 2 insurer in the United Kingdom, is making insurance news by selling nearly a quarter of its businesses in a dramatic effort to rebuild investor support following struggles with its declining share price. The company’s new chairman, John McFarlane, hopes that this shake-up will be just what is needed. McFarlane stepped in following the removal of Andrew Moss in May 2012, when Aviva’s stock performance was strikingly weak. He will be taking the axe to sixteen…

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