Insurance claims spike as Russia impounds almost 800 foreign-owned jets

Aviation Insurance claims

Fitch and Moody’s have predicted that the potential covered losses could reach $10 billion. Russia has passed a low transferring nearly 800 jets owned by western companies to Russian airlines in response to foreign sanctions, driving a wave of insurance claims from the firms that had been leasing them there. Leasing firms have had entire fleets taken over by Russia, losing hundreds of jets all at once. The leasing firms are expected to assert that registering the jets in Russia when they were already on the books in other territories…

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Airline insurance premiums could triple after crashes

airline insurance war risk policy

This year has been a catastrophe for global aviation, with numerous tragic disasters after a long span of calm. Since the start of 2014, there has been a tremendous number of tragedies when it comes to aircraft crashes, and it is now believed that the airline insurance industry will be considerably increasing its rates in order to reflect the changing trends. Aviation continues to be considered among the safest forms of transport, but this year has been a bad example of that. Airline insurance, which has not had a great…

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